Love, art, and transcendence.

Kannves is a new Art Collective. They represent the new era of creative and tattoo studio collective, creating art as an expression of love, unity, and compassion.

They are implementing a new experimental creative process to transform the ideas into a real artwork for life.

Project overview

I translated the founder's passion for art and tattoos into a complete brand system. The symbol was developed upon integrating all the letters belonging to Kannves on a flexible medieval shield.

The logotype works dynamically with a Gothic bold capitals font modified, striking a balance between classic and modern art.

The graphic expression of the black and white monochromatic palette inspires precision, sophistication, and minimalism. The ink splatter concept helps to engage the brand quickly in the competitive market of tattoo studios.


Logo design, brand architecture, tone of voice, stationery, style guide, and branded content.


  • Brand recognition in the market
  • 25% improvement in sales volume with new customers
  • Our net promoter score continues to grow considerably

Co-Owner John Doe

Vannesa Giraldo

Co founder - Artist

The rebranding objective was excellent; the new look validates who we are and what we are doing. He has tremendous energy, professionalism, and experience.

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