Impactful, digital, and strategic.

Thriving within the simplicity of core design principles, I created a new identity for an ambitious consulting group. Suma Consulting Group is everything your business needs to grow; they provide legal, financial, and strategic services to help companies reach their business goals.

Project overview

With over a decade of success, Suma Consulting Group set out on a pursuit to bring a streamlined sense of modern simplicity to their brand.

I created something distinct and creatively right. The identity is sophisticated, simple, and modern. Inspired by the letter S, I created a movement isotype integrated by six half circles as a focal point with a double meaning representative of statistics and growth.

A vibrant red combined with a 'cherry red' in the color palette provides a sophisticated feel and impacts positively across digital channels. BoutrosART is a modern font ideally suited for logotypes based on geometric shapes as chosen typeface, giving a friendly tone of voice to a brand that is, in the end, a consulting group.


Logo design, brand architecture, messaging, stationery, brand style guide, collateral & print materials.


  • Improvement in positive brand perception
  • Achieved new brand media mentions
  • Increased Branded Searches from 45% to 70%
Co-Owner John Doe

Fabian Osorio


Sophistication is in his creative work. Beautiful, playful, and strategic. We needed something that could be impactful, and now it is a reality. Marcelo designed an enormously comprehensive identity with coherence, responding to the complex design brief.

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