● I'm Marcelo Bernal Gomez, a multicultural, dynamic, bilingual and innovative brand designer, electronics engineer, and serial entrepreneur based on a remote island in New York called Shelter Island. I am driven by a commitment to crafting bold and lasting strategic brand systems and digital experiences from an innovation perspective, aiming to transform tech business purposes into relevant, consistent, and memorable brand experiences.


In 2004 I created the first logo I have done at the time of my employment as a draftsman in architectural and engineering projects at my mother's company, Planomap. Here, in the middle of pencil strokes and drawings, my passion for designing and drawing came to life. At the same time, I joined the university to master the area of electronic engineering, and I absorbed as much as knowledge as a synergistic relationship between technology and design being my primary focus.

In 2012 a flame disappeared in me, from that moment Ideeen Electronics was founded with three university partners. Focussed on developing innovative healthcare solutions, it has been the first time that I have got into unpredictable area of tech entrepreneurship, where I was acting as a cross-functional leader and designed the branding system. Even though it ended up a stormy weather and eventually failedᅳdue to a sort of missing a route and different visions among foundersᅳit was not a waste of time. It was the first step toward something more.

After completing my engineering studies, armed with resilience and newfound insights, especially in planning, strategic thinking, marketing, and sales, I embarked on a new adventure in 2015: We started a company called ELECTROTICS along with the other partner. Being the key innovator, I originated a grant-winning technology startup that developed health and smart city solutions. ELECTROTICS was not only the name of the company but also the symbol of innovative brand management, strategic marketing, creative product releases, disruptive technology, and efficient fundraising. Combining forces with multiple known brands in the industry, such as Huawei, Schréder, Libelium Communications, Ubidots, and Devint, has been the factor that won its reputation and success and made ELECTROTICS be a source of inspiration to other tech companies.


Upon ELECTROTICS's successes, many fellow tech entrepreneurs would try to grasp the key to how we branded and marketed our business. This curiosity ignited a new passion in me: empowering tech business leaders how to create a clear business strategy, and assisting them to put all core elements into visual identity systems such as logos, color palettes, typography and web design.

In 2016, I decided to take my entrepreneurial skills towards a successful direction and started ÍVICCO, the fast growing digital agency with international presence. Being a account and creative director provided me a unique experience to see the progress of the company from a beginning as a company with no staff to a team of 15 in less than 1.5 years and explore over 30 clients in the industry field in tech, IT, professional services, and retail. Yet despite the fact that the call for the new adventure and the new connections was hypnotic. Nevertheless, the allure of fascinating adventures and promising opportunities was impossible to dismiss. In 2018, I went unadventurely to the US, thinking of heritage, however, sold my companies afterward.

Living in Long Island, NY has been a complete rollercoaster. I got married and had the privilege of becoming a father, all while transforming my journey as a brand consultant and freelance. In 2019, I founded marcelo.design, a design studio specializing in developing strategic brand systems to help tech startups scale and build global brand value, partnering with influential technology communities like NY Tech Alliance and Rooftop Startup.