Brand Designer
& Business Strategist

A fusion of innovation, technology, and design mastery

● I’m Marcelo Bernal Gomez, a multicultural, curious, forward-thinking, energetic, and detail oriented serial entrepreneur, electronics engineer, and brand designer based on a remote island in New York called Shelter Island. I am passionate about designing  brand strategy and visual identity systems from an innovation perspective, aiming to transform tech business purposes into relevant, consistent, and memorable brand experiences.

In 2004, I designed my first logo while working as a draftsman on architectural and engineering plans at my mother's company, Planomap. It was here, amidst lines and sketches, that my passion for design and drawing took root. Concurrently, I immersed myself in the world of electronic engineering, studying at the university, absorbing knowledge, and envisioning the fusion of technology and design.

In 2012, a spark ignited within me, leading to the launch of Ideeen Electronics alongside three university partners. Focused on developing innovative healthcare solutions, it represented my first foray into the unpredictable realm of tech entrepreneurship, where I took on cross-functional leadership and designed the complete brand system. Though this venture encountered storms and ultimately failed—due to a lack of a clear roadmap and differing visions among founders—it was not in vain. It laid the groundwork for something greater.

After completing my engineering studies, armed with resilience and newfound insights, especially in planning, strategic thinking, marketing, and sales, I embarked on a new adventure in 2015: ELECTROTICS, co-founded with another partner. From conceptualization to execution, I spearheaded the creation of an award-winning tech startup specializing in health and smart city solutions. ELECTROTICS was more than a company; it was a testament to effective branding, strategic marketing, innovative product launches, technology disruption, and successful funding. Collaborating with recognized companies like Huawei, Schréder, Libelium Communications, Ubidots, and Devint, ELECTROTICS earned recognition and acclaim, becoming a beacon for others in the tech world.

As ELECTROTICS navigated the waters of success, many fellow tech entrepreneurs sought the secret behind our impactful branding and marketing. This curiosity ignited a new passion in me: empowering tech business leaders, helping them create a clear business strategy, and designing the necessary core elements in terms of visual identity systems like logos, color palettes, typography, and web design.

In 2016, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to found ÍVICCO, a fast-growing digital agency. As a marketing director and digital designer, I facilitated the growth of the company from its inception to a team of 15 in less than 1.5 years, leading a portfolio with more than 30 clients in tech, IT, professional services, and retail. But the call for new challenges and opportunities was irresistible. In 2018, I set sail for the USA, ready to explore significant challenges and meaningful opportunities, and subsequently sold my companies.

Living in Long Island, NY has been a complete rollercoaster. I got married and had the privilege of becoming a father, all while transforming my journey as a consultant. In 2019, I founded, a design studio specializing in developing strategic brand systems to help tech startups scale and build global brand value, partnering with influential technology communities like NY Tech Alliance and Rooftop Startup.