Developing brand strategy and visual identity systems to help tech startups scale and build global brand value

Developing brand strategy and visual identity systems to help tech startups scale and build global brand value

● I'm a Brand Designer and Electronic Engineer designing bold, lasting brands for hardware and digital startups. With a decade of entrepreneurship at the forefront of tech startups and design agencies.


Crafting enduring brands for forward-thinking leaders

Tech startups need to pivot and evolve rapidly, without losing their purpose.  With years of hands-on expertise, I've crafted a unique branding agile solution that combines three principles: lean startup, scalable branding strategies, and modular design systems.


Brand Strategy

Through remote or in-person workshops, I partner with tech startups to craft and implement a clear roadmap. This plan encompasses how to effectively build, scale, and communicate your value proposition to your target market.

Brand Purpose & Vision
Core Values
Brand Personality

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Audience Research
Brand Positioning


Visual Identity

Leveraging design thinking principles, I translate your business strategy into a modular and scalable visual identity system. As your tech startup grows and scales, these adaptable assets ensure a consistent and prominent brand presence, always reflecting your startup's evolution.

Creative Direction
Logo Design
Color Palette and Typography
Visual Identity System

Re branding
Stationery & Print Design 
Digital Brand Assets


Web Design

I'm committed to designing and developing a user-centric web experience. Every touchpoint is optimized for human interaction, ensuring your tech startup maintains a consistent brand narrative throughout.

UI/UX Design
Digital Value

Responsive Web Design
CMS Integration
Non-code SAAS


Campaign Strategy

Understanding that each startup has unique market challenges, I craft tailored narrative-driven campaigns that resonate, engage, and position you as a market leader.

Launch Blueprint
MVP development
Content Strategy

Pitch Decks
Brand Evolution & Audits


A clear message and consistent visual experience at the right time ensure success

Enhance your brand value, render the competition inconsequential, and define the compelling reasons why customers should select you.


Let's combine your vision with my expertise to create a cohesive brand design system

I believe in the immense power of brands. Not just any brand, but brands that inspire, that speak a global language, and that position startups not as fleeting names, but as flag-bearers of innovation.

Brands that not only generate wealth but also positively impact lives, driving the creation of a more inclusive world.

He's swift grasp of our ideas and clear communication made the creative process effortless. His artistic vision and tech-savvy expertise perfectly aligned with our branding and SAAS development needs, ensuring our ongoing satisfaction.

Sebastian Ospina


Marcelo is a creative designer, we have been working on different projects, and he has a tremendous capabilities to understand our needs. The perception of our brand grew and continues grow significantly.

Victor Julian Duque

CEO / Founder

The complete process was impeccable, from conceptualization to launch. Marcelo encapsulated our vision and business direction into a complete, aesthetic, and impactful brand. He is very friendly, proactive and passionate. Excellent Service!



The rebranding objective was excellent; the new look validates who we are and what we are doing. He has tremendous energy, professionalism, and experience.

Vannesa Giraldo

Co Founder / Art Director

Sophistication is in his creative work. Beautiful, playful, and strategic. We needed something that could be impactful, and now it is a reality. Marcelo designed an enormously comprehensive identity with coherence, responding to the complex design brief.

Fabian Osorio

Co Founder

He created a unique, professional, and incredible brand experience. We could not be happier with the results. Marcelo is creative, energetic, and dedicated.

Santiago Pizzarro Valencia


We're ecstatic with the new brand results. Marcelo demonstrated expertise and enthusiasm on each detail and challenge of the strategy and design. Now we have a brand identity system fit for the future.

Juan David Cano


Ideeen Electronics
M3 Medios
CTYT Consulting
Sumas Fundation
Usman Risk Consulting
Suma Consulting Group