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Our purpose guides us to counteract the multiple paradigms regarding investments in the cryptocurrency markets, always with the firm's intention to create and teach about a new alternative to improve people's quality of life, providing support through our knowledge of this new global economy.

Project overview

A new brand identity for INVERCRIP, includes a new logo design, brand system and all the elements of the digital user experience including website and social media.

The identity developed upon the idea of "blockchain structure." The simplest forms represented stores data or information packaged into blocks and sending person by person. One vibrant teal for primary color brings a refreshing energy and digital flexibility to the new look.


Logo design, brand identity, stationery, brand style guide, website, social media content, collateral and print materials.


  • A new brand, feel and voice for the business.  
  • A clear brand message and differentiation.
  • Increase of brand awareness.
Co-Owner John Doe

Santiago Pizarro Valencia


He created a unique, professional, and incredible brand experience. We could not be happier with the results. Marcelo is creative, energetic, and dedicated.

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