Dynamic, flexible, and interactive.

I created a rebrand system and identity for Zany Signals, a tech startup based in Colombia dedicated to designing and building analogs and digital synthesizers. I gave life to a new brand system completely customizable, where movement and vibration are the essences.

Project overview

The graphic elements chosen for the identity were inspired by the vibrational  patterns of sound in Cymatics. The circular shape represents the stillness of universal sound OM-AUM, which when it reacts to the musical vibration causes a geometric distortion.

The most crucial attribute of the brand’s system is flexibility, created by dynamic sound waves and an extended gradient color palette. The ideal combination between bold and light font of the same family Gilroy, a modern sans serif with a geometric touch, is used with the final intention to create a relevant visual contrast.

Each line of product will be represented by a different geometric shape, created as a generative sound wave produced by each synthesizer, constructing unlimited new forms each time it's used. The new brand is futuristic, sophisticated, and straightforward.


Logo, brand Identity, stationery, brand style guide, collateral, print materials & UX product design


  • Improvement in positive brand perception
  • Achieved new brand media mentions
  • Increased Branded Searches from 45% to 70%

Co-Owner John Doe

Juan David Cano N.


We're ecstatic with the new brand results. Marcelo demonstrated expertise and enthusiasm on each detail and challenge of the strategy and design. Now we have a brand identity system fit for the future.

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