Dynamic, flexible, and interactive.

A new brand identity system for tech startup based in Colombia dedicated to designing and building innovative analogs and digital synthesizers.


Project overview

The visual identity was inspired by the dynamic patterns of sound in Cymatics. In its simplest form, this influence can be seen in the circular shape that evokes the stillness of the universal sound OM-AUM and its subsequent geometric distortion when rippled by musical vibration.



Logo, brand Identity, stationery, brand style guide, collateral, print materials, UX product design, and web development.



Bernardo Roldán, Toro de la Cruz

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  • Improvement in positive brand perception
  • Achieved new brand media mentions
  • Increased Branded Searches from 45% to 70%


Bernardo Roldán, Toro de la Cruz

We're ecstatic with the new brand results. Marcelo demonstrated expertise and enthusiasm on each detail and challenge of the strategy and design. Now we have a brand identity system fit for the future.